Friday, January 25, 2008

What is Breakfast Army

The Breakfast Army was born in 2005.
It all started with a group of portuguese artists that shared particular and complementary ideas about the quality and creativity of the cultural entertainment, on a national and international scale.

The outcome of it was an army!

The DJ crew is our main team at the moment, however we’re also involved with production/post-production, photography and design areas.
As an army we seek allies in other countries to fight for a better entertainment in our community. We are looking for an exchange of artists, exchange of products (e.g. mutual remix exchange), services, and even teachers for workshops.
We are always looking for new talented recruits, so if you’d like to become part of our army, you can face our trials.
Day by day we train hardly to pull the crossfader and turntable triggers. In the matter of fact we sell ourselves as mercenaries, so if you need reinforcements we can be the solution.

Give us a call, if any of the above information interests you or if you simply want to know more about us.

Breakfast Army en français
Breakfast Army in italiano